Virginia R. Cardenas, University of the Philippines Los Banos

Presentation given at MEAS GLEE on June 6, 2012: 

Managing Pluralistic Extension under a Devolved Advisory System in the Philippines 

Professor in Extension Education and Community Development, Institute of Governance and Rural Development, College of Public Affairs and Development

Dr. Cardenas  has spent the last three decades of her professional life as professor and researcher in extension/advisory services, community development and education.  In her career serving both as national and international consultant on extension education, rural/social development, gender and development, and institution building/capacity development she has influenced systemic change in managing rural extension including risks and vulnerabilities affecting agricultural producers.   She had devoted her career in development as well as evaluation of community-based participatory rural development approaches and tools, capacity/institution building, networking and professionalizing extension services here in the Philippines and abroad.  She founded the Philippine Extension Network, Inc.  She was Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs of the University of the Philippines from November 2006- October 2011.

She is a member of the Steering  Committee of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services where she serves as focal person for the Asia-Pacific Islands.  In addition, she is the Regional Network Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services Network. Her efforts in rural development advocacy were recognized with numerous awards given by various sectors.   She had written and published several articles in peer reviewed journals and presented several papers in national and international conferences.