Tahseen Jafry, Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr. Tahseen Jafry is a senior lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University.  Qualified as both an engineer and a social scientist, Dr Jafry has accumulated extensive research and development experience on natural resource management, gender and agricultural development (from mechanization to policy development) and most recently in the development of gender sensitive agricultural extension systems.  She is currently working on gender issues associated with climate change adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural sector.  

She has made significant in-roads to promoting gender issues within the natural resources sector through her research and development work which has spanned 14 countries (Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Caribbean).  She is also an experienced manager and coordinator of multi-country and multidisciplinary complex consortia for international donors.  Dr Jafry teaches both on the postgraduate and undergraduate courses on environmental management and sustainability and supervises thesis to doctorate level.