Workshop: Examining Private Sector led Extension Approaches

Dates: June 2, 2015
Location: 20 F Street Conference Center
Washington, D.C., USA

Private sector led extension initiatives, as well as public-private partnerships (PPP), are rapidly expanding worldwide. However, relatively little is known about the various approaches of private extension providers to reach smallholder farmers in developing countries. MEAS consortia members and partners worldwide joined together on June 2, 2015 in Washington, D.C. for an event focused on examining how private sector agribusinesses and PPP approach agricultural extension in working with small holder farmers.

At this event, the MEAS team reviewed current research out of Cornell University and the University of Illinois on the typologies of extension approaches and we will share successes and best practices. The objective of the research is to document private sector extension approaches that target smallholder farmers worldwide. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the findings with private sector service providers. 

Examining Privately-led Extension Approaches Targeting Smallholder Farmers in Developing Countries


08:30 am

Registration and Refreshments

09:00 am

Welcome and Background on MEAS

Paul McNamara, Director of Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services Project, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

09:20 am

Overview & Historical Background of Private Sector Led Extension with Smallholder Farmers

Panel I Moderator: Paul McNamara

·          Suzanne Poland (USAID DC)

·          Madhur Gautam (World Bank)

·          Geoff Andersen (John Deere)

·          Suresh Babu (IFPRI)

10:20 am


10:30 am

Study Results and Discussion of Key Findings

·          Miguel Gomez and Ben Mueller - Co-Principal Investigators of MEAS Study

11:15 am

Innovations, Partnerships, Challenges and Future Directions of Private Sector and Public/Private Extension Advisory Service Approaches

Panel II Moderator: Ben Mueller

·          John Preissing (FAO) Emerging Private Sector and Public Private Partnership Extension Models in Latin America

·          Kristen McNaughtan (Gates Foundation) Transforming Agriculture for Small Farmers   

·          David Hong (One Acre Fund) A Business Solution for Smallholder Farmers

·          Shahid Uddin-Akbar (BIID, Bangladesh) Integration of ICTs into Agricultural Extension Services- A MEAS Project

·          Carlos Uribe (FNC, Colombia) Public/Private Partnership Model: Key Elements for Sustainability and Success (To be confirmed)

12:15 pm


Luncheon Speaker: Prabhu Pingali, Founding Director of TCi (Cornell University) and former Deputy Director of Ag. Dev. Division of Gates Foundation

 The Agriculture Nutrition Nexus to Alleviate Hunger, Poverty and Malnutrition

01:00 pm

Key Features for Successful and Sustainable Private Sector Extension

Panel III Moderator: Miguel Gomez

·          Jock Anderson (University of New England, Australia) Challenges for Sustaining Private Sector Extension

·          Kristin Davis (GFRAS) The New Extensionist

·          Patrick Struebi (Fairtrasa) A Global, for Profit, Social Enterprise Model

·          Jeroen Dijkman  (FAO) Privately-led EAS Innovation Systems (Virtual Participant)

·          Elizabeth Teague (Root Capital) Reliable Financing Models to Scale-up Farm Families and Rural Businesses  

02:00 pm

Plenary: Open Mic Session

Moderators: Ben Mueller and Miguel Gomez

·          What we have learned?

·          Challenges & Opportunities

·          Building an Action Plan to Support Private Sector Extension and PPPs

03:30 pm

Reflections on the Day: Open Mic Session

Moderator: John Preissing (FAO)

·          Shamenna Gall (USAID Georgia) Impressions from the Georgian Perspective

·          David Westerling (USAID DC) Potential Partnerships with the Private Sector

·          Katherine Hoeberling (UC Davis) Future Research Initiatives

·          Tom Hammett (Virginia Tech University) the Role of U.S. Extension Specialists working in International Development to encourage PPPs  

·          Other Audience Comments

04:15 pm

Closing Remarks

Gary Alex, USAID DC

04:30 pm


04:45 pm

Post Conference Interviews with Private Sector Leaders