Shamenna Gall

Shamenna Gall is the agriculture officer for the USAID Mission in Tbilisi, Georgia. Ms. Gall grew up on her family's tropical flower farm on the island of Hawaii. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Tropical Horticulture from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and later as a Peace Corps fellow, Masters of Science in Agriculture Education from the University of Arizona, both land grant colleges. While serving as an agriculture extension officer in the Peace Corps, Ms. Gall realized the importance of agriculture extension for rural communities. After serving in the Peace Corps she continued her interest in agriculture and worked for the U.S Department of Agriculture as a trade specialist on the Mexican border. Although the position was challenging, her mind was never far from her Peace Corps experience and the impact agriculture education can make on poor farmers. She joined USAID in 2010 and served in El Salvador where she managed several activities including agro-forestry and value chain projects and designed an activity to address the coffee rust epidemic. At her current post, she manages several agriculture activities including the USAID Strengthening Extension and Advisory Services activity(SEAS).