Mridul Chowdhury

Mridul Chowdhury is the CEO and Founder of mPower Social Enterprises, a global company headquartered in Bangladesh, and specializing in design and development of ICT-based innovations in development, particularly in areas of health, agriculture and livelihoods. mPower was founded at Harvard/MIT in 2008 after winning the MIT100K Business Plan Competition Award. Ever since, Mridul has spearheaded several innovations in the area of information technologies for development that have earned many international accolades, including USAID Global Development Award, Gates Grand Challenges Canada Award, Grand Challenges Explorations Award, Best Telemedicine Innovation Award at the World Health Congress, USAID Development Innovations Venture, USAID Regional Mobiles for Development Award etc. mPower has also been a recipient of a Qualcomm Wireless Reach award. Mridul studied at Harvard Kennedy School of Government and University of Texas at Austin in areas of development economics and information technology.