Mark Davies

Mark is the Founder and CEO of Esoko Networks, a profiling and messaging platform serving smallholder farmers, agri-businesses and national projects in 10 countries across Africa. Born in Wales, Mark graduated in Social Anthropology at Cambridge and has been experimenting with the link between people and technology ever since. In 1994 Mark founded Metrobeat, the first web-only city guide which became CitySearch NYC. In 1998 he co-founded First Tuesday in London, a popular networking and matchmaking marketplace during the dotcom boom. In 2001 Mark moved to Ghana to establish the successful technology incubator, BusyInternet, before founding Esoko Networks there in 2005. Along the way, Mark has waited tables, crewed balloons in France, scripted home shopping TV shows, authored five children’s books and interviewed celebrities for breakfast TV. He’s particularly engaged in how private business can complement public interventions in Development. Spare time is spent in Bahia.