Joyous Tata

Joyous S. Tata, Ph.D., University of Illinois Joyous holds a PhD from Cornell University in horticulture and international agricultural development including the role of women in agriculture. Prior to doctoral studies, she worked as Agricultural Extension Officer with a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funded project, working with men and women farmers in Cameroon. In addition, Joyous has skills in capacity building, food security and nutrition, monitoring and evaluation, research-extension linkages, Integrative Communication Technologies (ICTs), public-private sector extension, project planning, and certification and standards (global GAP). Her current research for the USAID-MEAS project with Dr. McNamara looks at challenges in the adoption of ICTs, videos, and adaptive institutional arrangements for modernizing agricultural extension in Africa, paying close attention to the differential challenges faced by men and women.