Emily Giselle Varga

Emily Giselle Varga has served as a Program Manager at NCBA CLUSA’s headquarters in Washington, DC for five years. Prior to NCBA CLUSA, Ms. Varga served as an Administrative Manager at the Health and Environmental Funders Network. Ms. Varga also founded a nonprofit organization, called Crafting Change, which connects artisans from slums of Rio de Janeiro to regional and international markets. She received her MBA in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and her Bachelor of Arts in International Development from Boston University. Ms. Varga has over 10 years’ experience developing and strengthening cooperatives, smallholder farmer groups and microenterprises in emerging economies in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. More recently she has engaged cooperative producers, distributors and consumers in fostering long-term trade relationships for both commodity and specialty products. Her interests include sustainable sourcing, values-based business models and building local capacity and ownership. Ms. Varga can be reached by email at evarga@ncba.coop.