Murari Suvedi, Michigan State University

Murari Suvedi is a professor in the department of Community, agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies at Michigan State University (MSU) and works in the area of program development and evaluation. Prior to MSU, he worked as lecturer of agricultural extension at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Nepal for 11 years. He also coordinated the Pilot Extension Program for the Institute to serve the farmers of Nepal. His work has focused on staff development, program planning and evaluation. His current responsibilities include teaching courses on program development and evaluation, conducting evaluative research, and engaging in Extension and international agricultural development programs and activities. He focuses his work on evaluation capacity building by offering short courses to agricultural and rural development professionals, and conducting evaluation of extension programs and initiatives. He has developed a program evaluation training manual and made it globally available online for use by agricultural extension and advisory services professionals. He has conducted evaluations of sustainable agriculture and education programs and leadership development programs, and has conducted educational needs assessments and impact assessments of many extension programs and projects. He works internationally, focusing mainly on food security and agricultural development. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on program development and evaluation. He integrates sustainability as a key principle in his scholarly work.