Kristen Augustine

Kristen Augustine is a gender and development practitioner currently serving as Coordinator for the MEAS project Extension and Advisory Service Delivery for Women’s Groups in Jordan: Assessing Competencies and Building Social Capital.  This evolved out of a gender consultancy position on the Water and Livelihoods Initiative, funded by USAID and administered through ICARDA, the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas.  Kristen has an MA in Sustainable Development Practice from the University of Florida where she concentrated on gender in the context of development. 

Her primary interest is in how gender bias against women and girls manifests in various ways ranging from diminished opportunities to violence and increased mortality rates.  Throughout her career Kristen has explored these topics and worked to understand, and change, the conditions that lead to these outcomes by engaging with stakeholders ranging from government officials and law enforcement to civil society organizations and the private sector.