Kevin Wilkins

Kevin currently serves as the Program Director for GrowCocoa, the cocoa livelihoods and sustainable supply chain partnership developed by US-based Blommer Chocolate Co., North America's largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier, and Singapore-based Olam International Ltd., a global integrated supply chain manager of agricultural products and food ingredients.

Kevin works with the Olam and Blommer teams to further expand operations in West Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as to develop robust programs in Latin America.

Prior to joining GrowCocoa, Kevin was the Director of Operations and Africa Business Development for CG/LA Infrastructure, a Washington, DC-based infrastructure advisory firm.

Kevin's work in West Africa focused on developing and supporting programs with a cadre of community-based groups in partnership with local and regional governments.

Prior to his work in West Africa, Kevin held two appointments during the administration of President George W. Bush and is a U.S. Marine. 

Independently, Kevin is affiliated with various working groups, international development and veterans associations.