Jeff Saussier, Sheladia Associates

Mr. Jeffrey Saussier, Senior Associate at SHELADIA Associates, has over 30 year’s experience in the field of international development, as a manager, technician, trainer, and consultant with extensive experience in institutional assessment and capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation. At TetraTech ARD (2007-2011) Mr. Saussier developed and managed a unit to improve the company’s capabilities in performance measurement, especially in the design, implementation and maintenance of Performance Monitoring Plans (PMP) and other quality assurance mechanisms, such as the $80 million Afghanistan ADP/SW (agriculture and alternative development) program, the $120 million Kabul City Initiative, $85 million Colombia CELI Central project (alternative development) and the Africa-wide SUWASA water program. He also developed the PMP systems for “gold standard” (double difference with controls) measurement of local governance programs in Albania and Peru. He has developed development hypotheses, results frameworks and framework PMPs for USAID D&G and Global Labor programming (that was highlighted and commended in USAID congressional testimony) and the definitive programming models for local government and utility capacity building.  Previously, Mr. Saussier, working for Adams County Community Development (ACCD) in Colorado, designed and managed the first county-level food security survey in the state, resulting in the Colorado Anti-Hunger Network’s 2006 “Champion Award” and presentation of the findings at the 2007 FRAC conference in Washington, DC. Mr. Saussier’s field experience includes developing and managing programs in micro-credit, agriculture extension, water resources, appropriate technology and NGO capacity building, as well as training in Participatory and Rapid Rural Appraisal (PRA/RRA), strategic and program planning, M&E and organizational development. He has managed large projects with large staffs in Somalia, Kenya and The Gambia.