Learning Exchange on Extension

Learning Exchange on Best Fit Approaches in Extension and Advisory Services

Washington, D.C. - June 6-8, 2012

This exchange on current issues in extension is designed as a marketplace of ideas, a platform for lively discussion on good practice. 

Participants are invited to share their own knowledge resources pertaining to the themes presented. Beginning with topics of broad interest on day one, the sessions on subsequent days have more limited space and are intended for workshop style facilitated discussions. 

The purpose of the workshop is twofold - to review and confirm current understanding of good practice in public and private extension service delivery and to identify priority areas for further work in defining good practice.

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June 6, 2012

9:00 am: Opening Ceremony

Keynote Address by Paul Weisenfeld, Assistant to the Administrator, Bureau for Food Security

Paul McNamara, Director of MEAS
Brent Simpson, Deputy Director of MEAS
Dick Wall, Facilitator 

Mary Kamau - Performance Based Management by Public Extension Service Provider

M.N. Reddy - Bottom up and Farmer led EAS

Virginia Cardenas
 -  Managing Pluralistic Extension under a Devolved Advisory System in the Philippines  

Angela Pachuau - About JAEE - Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension

Patrick Papania - About SCALE - A methodology to accelerate stakeholder engagement and sustain local collaborative action around a development issue.

Tom Roberts

Additional resources

3:00 pm: Session on the Role of EAS in 

Shaun Ferris -  Linking Smallholder Farmers to Markets and the Implications for Extension and Advisory Services

Jim Hanson 

Additional resources
Building Institutional Capacity to Increase Food Security in Africa, April 2012

Farming as a Business: Development Tool Promotes Both Food and Income Security 
(ACDI-VOCA). See also 

Sell More For More farmer organization development materials at: www.acdivoca.org/sell-more-for-more

5:00 pm: End for the day

Support Staff

Andrea Bohn, University of Illinois at U.-C.
Festus Amadu, University of Illinois at U.-C.
Megan Delph, Weidemann and Associates
Oliver Ferguson, University of Illinois at U.-C. 
Stephanie White, Michigan State University

This event has been completed. Those who were registered will receive updates on the posting of presentations, comments, and videos. Contact Andrea Bohn at abohn@illinois.edu for any questions or concerns. 

Attendance at this workshop was free of charge. However, participants were responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements and pay for their own expenses.

All sessions were held at the Conference Center at 20 F Street NW, Washington D.C. www.20fstreetcc.com, close to the metro stop Union Station. 

Many participants shared their comments and asked questions, not all of which could be addressed during the event. Click this link for an overview of comments, questions, and responses. 

June 7, 2012 

9:00 am:  Session on the Importance of Gender within EAS

11:00 am:  Session on the ICT Options and Strategies within EAS

Kevin Gamble - Five Aspects of ICT

Shaun Ferris and Rupert Best 
Farmbook (presentation)
- Farmbook (description)
ICT4 and EAS
   (from launch of World Bank AIS Sourcebook, June 1, 2012)

Mark Varner
Virtual Communities
Open Agriculture Data Innovation Challenge 

Examples of using videos 

Webinar, June 27, 2012: 
Designing & Marketing Mobile Information & Advisory Services for Women Smallholders

1:15 pm:  Session on Nutrition and Health in EAS

Emily Levitt Ruppert - Linking Agriculture and Nutrition 


Additional resources

ACDI/VOCA Primers on

Brent Simpson and Gaye Burpee - Climate Change, the New Normal and EAS

Additional resources

5:00 pm: End for the day

June 8, 2012 

9:00 am:  Session on Monitoring and Evaluation in EAS

Sanath Reddy

Virginia Cardenas
 - Staff Training for a Devolved Extension Systerm

M.N. Reddy
 - Advice on how to strengthen HRD in MEAS

Additional resources

Agricultural Extension in Transition Worldwide

A free online course in 9 parts prepared by Bill Rivera and Magdalena Blum for FAO (posted in 2009).  New sections on gender and ICT will be included in the forthcoming revision.

National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, MANAGE, India 

Rural Extension, Volume III: Training Concepts and Tools [Ed. by Maria Gerster-Bentaya and Volker Hoffmann]

The completely new third volume is of special interest to those involved in the training of extension workers as well as to academic staff. It provides comprehensive guidance and assistance in areas such as training concepts and tools, course outlines and modules. This publication is available free of charge to citizens of ACP countries via the CTA. 

More info, also about Volumes I and II, is at http://shop.margraf-publishers.net/index.php?id=1027&no_cache=1&backPID=1025&tt_products=1332

Note that the print version of Volume III does not contain specific workshop material (i.e., presentations, handouts, examples, photos, graphs). However, these are available for download at http://shop.margraf-publishers.net/. In the field below "Softlink", enter ruralvol3, and click go. The material posted there is being expanded overtime. Downloading and modification of the material is encouraged! 

12:45 pm: Official End of the Workshop and Global Learning Exchange