Deborah Rubin, Cultural Practice LLC

Dr. Deborah Rubin is the co-Director of Cultural Practice LLC a senior social science development analyst, concentrating on agriculture and gender issues. She has led efforts to improve gender integration in USAID programs and policies, as team leader for multiple multi-sectoral gender assessments and conducts gender integration trainings. She coauthored a handbook on gender integration in value chains which is being widely distributed to USAID missions for guiding their work on gender and food security. She has also worked on strategic planning and evaluation, and agricultural policy research, economic growth, business development, and poverty reduction. 

She works extensively with both the land grant and private university communities, evaluating USAID-funded agricultural research grants and is now running a knowledge management project to compile and analyze the results of the 30 plus years of USAID funded agricultural research of the Collaborative Research Support Program. Rubin has won awards including a Fulbright Scholarship, a MacArthur Foundation Research and Writing award, a Rockefeller Foundation Agriculture and Rural Development Postdoctoral Fellowship, and a AAAS Diplomacy Fellowship. She has conducted long term field work in Tanzania and Kenya.