ICT Publications

  • Brandie Lee Martin, Eric Abbott (2011): Mobile Phones and Rural Livelihoods: Diffusion, Uses, and Perceived Impacts Among Farmers in Rural Uganda
Information Technologies and International Development (ITED).Volume 7, Number 4, Winter 2011, 17–34. The article can be located here: http://itidjournal.org/itid.


To successfully use mobile phones to aid development efforts, understanding the impact of the social structure on mobile phone adoption, uses, perceived impacts, and reinvention of uses is invaluable. Interviews were conducted with 90 mobile phone-owning holders of small- to medium-sized farms— 50 women and 40 men—actively involved in agricultural development-based farm groups in Kamuli District, Uganda. Respondents indicated use of the mobile phone for coordinating access to agricultural inputs, market information, to monitor financial transactions, and to consult with agricultural experts. Over time, the number and variety of agricultural uses increased among all users, indicating that adoption occurs for a few key purposes, but that uses will be added or reinvented to changing needs. This study identified a number of unique uses, including storing local market trends in the calendar, using the speakerphone function for group consultation with agricultural experts, and taking photos of agricultural demonstrations. 

  • Garforth, Christopher. 2011. Education, training and extension for food producers. Science review: SR16B. Foresight Project on Global Food and Farming Futures. www.bis.gov.uk/foresight/our-work/projects/current-projects/global-food-and-farming-futures/~/media/BISPartners/Foresight/docs/food-and-farming/science/11-562-sr16b-education-training-extension-for-food-producers.ashx (includes good summary on ICT!)

  • Van Mele, Paul. 2011. Video-mediated farmer-to-farmer learning for sustainable agriculture. A scoping study for SDC, SAI Platform and GFRAS. Agro‐Insight, Belgium.
    (available for download at bottom of this page)

  • Connected Agriculture Report - The role of mobile in driving efficiency and sustainability in the food and agriculture value chain - a report based on research by Vodafone and Accenture.


  • The Journal of Information Technology in Agriculture (JITAg) is the peer-reviewed journal of a network of organizations for IT in Agriculture (INFITA, www.infita.org). It seeks to expand and update the research and knowledge base for professionals in agriculture and natural resources to improve their effectiveness in the use and application of IT to food and fiber production, food security, and sustainabile systems. JITAg is published only as an electronic journal. www.jitag.org

  • Information Technologies and International Development (ITED).Volume 7, Number 4, Winter 2011, 17–34. The article is attached and can be located here: http://itidjournal.org/itid.
Complete downloadable pdf versions of recent 2010 ICT publications on topics such as:
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UN - ITU 2005 Publications on Core ICT Indicators

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