ICT Portals and Organizations

ICT in Agriculture: http://www.ictinagriculture.org/ictinag/

  • Sponsored by the Agricultural and Rural Development unit of the World Bank

ICT for Ag Online Community:  https://communities.usaidallnet.gov/ictforag

  • Sponsored by USAID

The e-Agriculture Community: www.e-agriculture.org

  • e-Agriculture is a global Community of Practice, where people from all over the world exchange information, ideas, and resources related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for sustainable agriculture and rural development. 

ICT Update by CTA:.http://ictupdate.cta.int/en

Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems for Rural Development, AKIS

AKIS aim at linking people and institutions to harness knowledge and information from various sources for better farming and improved livelihoods. www.fao.org/sd/sdrr/portal/topics/topic5_en.htm#akis

The Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative to improve the availability and quality of ICT data and indicators, particularly in developing countries.
  • Graphical representations of the key findings in the Worldbank's IC4D 2009 report on accessiblity, mobile networks, Internet users, IT services, IT-related jobs, convergence, government transformation, and ICT country performance measures: http://go.worldbank.org/M84QRX7P80
The Worldbank publishes data on ICT access, namely Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people)  and Internet users (per 100 people). IT.CE.SETS.P2  and IT.NET.USER.P2. See http://data.worldbank.org
IICD is a non-profit foundation that specialises in information and communication technologies (ICT) as a tool for development.
The VERCON model aims to enhance interaction among agricultural research, extension, farmers and the other stakeholders of agriculture and rural development.
Improving linkages among all these stakeholders is crucial to facilitate knowledge-sharing and access to agricultural information and to increase food security.
To ensure this process, collaborative techniques and innovative methods of communication are used as well
as Information and Communication Technologies.
  • The Knowledge-Driven International Development (KDID) Portal is a family of websites established to help increase the overall effectiveness of development assistance by providing enhanced knowledge-sharing and learning opportunities to connect development practitioners and leverage innovation and good practice. More...   http://kdid.org/
  • Technologies for Agriculture, TECA
TECA is an FAO initiative that aims at improving access to information and knowledge sharing about proven technologies in order to enhance their adoption in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry thus addressing food security, climate change, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. The emphasis is on proven technologies for smallholders. www.fao.org/teca/

International Network for Information Technology in Agriculture, INFITA
  • The production of food, the organization of food  supply chains, the communication between agriculture, food production and consumers, the protection of the environment in rural areas, or the organization of regional, national or international trade depend increasingly on electronic information, communication and control. www.infita.org

ICT Knowledge Management, ICT-KM
  • The ICT-KM Program of the CGIAR promotes and supports the use of information and communications technology (ICT) and knowledge management (KM) to improve the effectiveness of the CGIAR System's work on behalf of the poor in developing countries. http://ictkm.cgiar.org/

The Worldbank

How? The eTransform Knowledge Platform will support government policy makers, service providers, and social entrepreneurs. It will facilitate country and regional knowledge exchanges between practitioners to form Knowledge Communities.

Why? Through innovative use of technology, new powerful tools can be developed to change the way public services are delivered to citizens, increase their participation and enhance accountability. The near-universal reach of mobile phone communications combined with interactive-mapping and social media empower citizens to communicate directly with Government and service providers. More..

Global Alliance for ICT and Development www.un-gaid.org

Bridging the rural digital divide
  • This strategic programme highlights innovative approaches to knowledge exchange taking advantage of new digital technologies and synergies between information management and communication for development. The website is the central platform for these exchanges.  www.fao.org/rdd

ITU www.itu.int/en/pages/default.aspx
  • "ITU is the United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, and the global focal point for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services. ITU has coordinated the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promoted international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, worked to improve telecommunication infrastructure in the developing world, established the worldwide standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communications systems and addressed the global challenges of our times, such as mitigating climate change and strengthening cybersecurity."

Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

Blogs on Agriculture and Dissemination of Innovation: For example, http://blogs.worldwatch.org/nourishingtheplanet/

Intro to mFarmer Initiative webinar at http://vimeo.com/31808085

More information on the mFarmer Initiative can be found at www.gsmworld.com/mfarmer or by contacting mFarmer@gsm.org or Judy Payne (USAID) at jpayne@usaid.gov.