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Required Skills, Knowledge and Mindsets of Extensionists

Several sources are cited to show similarities and differences with regard to skills, knowledge, and mindsets deemed critical for those who provide extension and advisory services.

Source 1     The New Extensionist, February 2013

Source 2     Fanie Terblanche, March 2013

Source     Gabathuler, E., Bachmann, F., Kläy, A. 2011

Source 4     WSU: Core Competencies in six categories, each with distinct sets of skills                          
                      (as defined for Washington State University Extension Educators), 2007

      • Program Planning and Delivery
      • Subject Matter Expertise
      • Communication Skills
      • Cultural Competency
      • Organizational Marketing and External Linkages
      • Leadership

Additional sources (U.S. perspective)

Lori L. Moore, Rick D. Rudd. 2004. Leadership Skills and Competencies for Extension DIRECTORS and ADMINISTRATORSJournal of Agricultural Education, Volume 45, Number 3, 2004 (pp. 24-33)

Texas Cooperative Extension. 2003. The Texas A&M University System Competency ModelEdited By: Susanna Coppernoll and Barbara Stone.

Core Competencies for the Cooperative Extension SystemDeveloped by Deborah J. Maddy, Oregon State University Extension Service; Keith Niemann, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension; Jim Lindquist, Kansas State University Research and Extension; Ken Bateman, NACAA/NC Cooperative Extension; edited by Evelyn Engel, Oregon State University Extension Service. 2002.