Europe - CECRA



Germany – Austria – Switzerland / Europe

Institution/Organization offering the Certificate

International Academy of Agricultural and Home Economic Advisers (IALB)

Name of the Certificate

Certificate for European Consultants in Rural Areas, CECRA


Contact information


What is the target group?

Advisers in agriculture, home economics and rural development as well as regional and leader managers and other regional actors and trainers

What are the entry requirements?

Degree or advanced training

Minimum two years relevant work experience

What are the desired outcomes / learning objectives of this program in terms of skills, knowledge, attitudes?

To develop skills (often in methodologies and social advice) in order to better serve rural people and assist them with decision-making.

What is the structure and duration? Part time/full time?


Where are the courses as such held? Online/face to face? At which institution?


What kind of “assignments” need to be completed? Is there an experiential learning component? A research project or thesis?

The CECRA certificate requires completion of 2 compulsory modules and at least 3 of the elective modules, as well as certain prerequisites.

2 compulsory modules:
   Personality Development / Advisory Profile
   Communication / customer relations

10 elective modules:
    Working in team and guiding a team
    Rhetoric, presentation
    Self and time management
    Project management / project advising
    Design of advisory processes
    Dealing with difficult situations in advising/ change management
    Moderation and management of meeting
    Marketing / Public Relations
    Management of education and events
    Advising and accompanying groups

Additional conditions for becoming certified
- educational background
- at least two years of professional experience
- participation in two seminars abroad
- visit in an advisory service outside the country, and
- a final case study (self-reflection)

What is the cost of this certificate? (e.g., tuition cost; or describe funding model)


Is this certification linked with a professional association? Is the certificate a pre-requisite for membership? Does a professional association provide oversight of this program or merely an endorsement?


Does this certification result in a license to practice in extension? Is such a license (or certificate) mandatory to practice or just optional?

No, but it does result in a certificate that is recognized Europe-wide

Is there a requirement for maintaining the certification (e.g., CCA has to do 40 hours of continued education every 2 years)


Who provides oversight for this program? (Accreditation)


Additional Comments

CECRA is currently only for the German language speaking area of Europe, i.e., Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. They are expecting to grow substantially across Europe though, as the EU is likely to invest large amounts of money into extension - particularly for improving compliance with European Agricultural Policies.