Certified Crop Adviser, CCA - USA and Canada


USA & Canada/North America

Institution/Organization offering the Certificate

American Society of Agronomy

Name of the Certificate

Certified Crop Adviser, CCA



Contact information


What is the target group?

Any adviser/consultant that spends the majority of their time advising growers on agronomic practices and can meet the standards of the program.

What are the entry requirements?

Have at least two years of experience with at least a Bachelor of Science Degree in agriculture or four years of experience with no degree.

What are the desired outcomes / learning objectives of this program in terms of skills, knowledge, attitudes?


What is the structure and duration? Part time/full time?

Part time. Aspirants must pass two exams (international and local), document education and crop advising experience (with transcripts and references) and sign and agree to uphold the CCA Code of Ethics.

Where are the courses as such held? Online/face to face? At which institution?


What kind of “assignments” need to be completed? Is there an experiential learning component? A research project or thesis?


What is the cost of this certificate? (e.g., tuition cost; or describe funding model)

International exam fee is $175. Local exam fee varies by state/province from US$25 – US$100.

Is this certification linked with a professional association? 

Is the certificate a pre-requisite for membership? 

Does a professional association provide oversight of this program or merely an endorsement?




Does this certification result in a license to practice in extension? Is such a license (or certificate) mandatory to practice or just optional?


Is there a requirement for maintaining the certification (e.g., CCA has to do 40 hours of continued education every 2 years)

40 hours of continued education every two years and pay a renewal fee.

Who provides oversight for this program? (Accreditation)

American Society of Agronomy

Additional Comments

They are expanding the programme to additional countries. The programme is now operational in India. They are considering its expansion to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. The contact person at CCA is Luther Smith (lsmith@sciencesocieties.org).