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Storytelling comes naturally to most people. This guide offers a way of structuring the process - how to start, how to probe, how to look back, how to look forward etc - in other words, all the elements we emphasize in process documentation. The storytelling guide could be used for recording the stories of farmer / community innovation and using the story-telling as a starting point for reflection in the group/community about the process, what can be learned from it and how to proceed. Photo documentation could be done alongside the written documentation and, from time to time, small video clips might be useful to 
capture the impressions of the people involved. [....]

The Innovation Tree

  • Van Mele, P. and Zakaria, A.K.M. 2002. The Innovation Tree: a new PRA tool to reveal the innovation adoption and diffusion process. PLA Notes, 45, 54-58. Read article ›
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