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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,
International Programs Office

In recent years, UC Davis has been partnering with a number of institutions and government partners to improve extension in countries including Afghanistan, Chile, Egypt, Iraq and Madagascar. Programs typically have the dual focus of improving both technical and extension skills. For example, UC Davis led a consortia of Land Grant universities (Davis, Cornell and Purdue) to help the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock in Afghanistan. The in-country workshops included a range of national and international NGOs along with the government representatives and focused on delivery of information to help improve production and profitability of high-value crops.

In a separate project, IF Hope asked Davis to develop a series of production manuals to support in-country extension activities. UC Davis also developed a series of extension videos, fact sheets and manuals to support the development of the Almond industry in Afghanistan. In Iraq, UC Davis was a member of the Iraq Agricultural Extension Revitalization (IAER) project. To support this project, UC Davis ran an intensive course in California, and also implemented a series of in-region and in-country courses.

In Chile, UC Davis has been working with a range of partners to help identify potential structural changes to improve knowledge access and delivery – in particular to help small scale farmers. Based on a request from the Egyptian government, UC Davis has run a series of extension workshops with a focus on improved water use for both the Nile river and the newly developed desert irrigation areas.

More recently, UC Davis has been asked to lead the Af-Pak extension initiative - a project engaging a consortia of land Grant universities (Iowa State, Maryland, Purdue and Washington State) to improve extension systems in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In support of all these development activities, UC Davis has developed a number of on-line resources that are increasingly drawing users. For Afghanistan, UC Davis developed the Afghan Ag repository http://afghanag.ucdavis.edu – a repository that contains contributions from over 20 organizations active in Afghanistan.

On a global basis, UC Davis has led the development of the Global Horticulture Knowledge Bank – which draws on available credible knowledge resources and presents information on crop diagnostics, cropping practices, extension methodology, energy and small business development.

Expertise in Extension and Advisory Services (EAS)

Extensive experience working with developing country Extension systems, National systems for planning and  assessment

Training capacity

  • On-going Extension training (e.g., Afghanistan, Chile, Egypt, Iraq, Madagascar)
  • Programs combine Technical skills (production, Postharvest and integrated systems) with Extension Methodology

California as a classroom. Access to more than 250 commercial crops – representing many of the major crops grown in partner countries.

ICT4D. Extensive expertise in the use of ICT in development – e.g., http://hortkb.weebly.com

Examples of EAS related projects in developing countries (past, current) 

UC Davis has seen a dramatic increase in recent years for its assistance to help strengthen national programs in terms of both technical and extension methodology – especially in countries wanting to focus on high value crops. Since 2007, the International Programs Office has provided over 6,000 person days of extension related workshops and training to over 650 representatives of national programs. Example activities include:

  • Afghanistan – strengthening of technical and delivery capacities for horticulture and Almond Nursery trees (USDA, USAID and EU projects); development of a central and regional communication hubs. In-country and at UC Davis workshops; in-country consultations, UC Davis and ANR technical field programs. Activities implemented with Cornell, Purdue, IFHope, Roots of Peace, Chemonics. Projects ran 2008-2011. Development of on-line resources e-Afghan Ag to support Agricultural development.
  • Chile – invited speakers at national conference on extension revitalization in Chile. Study tour to California to study extension systems and approaches (2009-2010).
Since 2007, UC Davis has taught over 1000 people in both technical and extension methodology.
  • Egypt – strengthening of technical and delivery capacities for projects on irrigation and Horticulture; In-country assessment, plus a series of government funded workshops in California at UC Davis. (2008-2011)
  • Iraq – IAER  – strengthening of technical and delivery capacities for horticulture. A series of regional, in-country and a 12 week workshop at UC Davis. (2009-2011)
  • Madagascar- – strengthening of technical and delivery capacities for Dairy production. Workshop held at UC Davis (2009)
  • Pakistan – strengthening of technical and delivery capacities for horticulture and field crops. An on-going series of workshops delivered in country. (2011-12)
  • Water Livelihood Initiative (WLI) – Needs assessment and strengthening of technical and delivery capacities for water management for representatives from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria. A one-week workshop in country for Lebanon and Syria  plus country assessments in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.