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AFAAS  African Forum of Agricultural Advisory Services
AIS Agricultural Innovation Systems 
AOTR Agreement Officer’s Technical Representative
ATMA  Agricultural Technology Management Agency 
BTT  Block Technology Team
CAADP  Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme
CASC  Commercial Agricultural Service Center
CATIE  Tropical Agriculture and Higher Education Centre
CIRAD  Agricultural Research for Development
Cornell Cornell University
CP Cultural Practice
CRISP Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy
CRS Catholic Relief Services
CSO  Civil Society Organizations 
DAAS  Danish Agricultural Advisory Service
DOA  Department of Agriculture
EU  European Union
FAO  Food and Agriculture Organization
FBO Farmer-Based Organizations 
FC Facilitation circle
FFS  Farmer Field schools
FSC  Farmer study circles
FSE Fee-for-Service Extension 
GCARD  Global Conference on Agricultural Research and Development
GFRAS  Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services
HIV/AIDS  Human immunodeficiency virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
HRD  Human Resource Development 
HVC High-Value Crops 
ICAR  Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICTs  Information and Communication Technologies
IFAD  International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFPRI  International Food Policy Research Institute
ILLINOIS University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
IRD Integrated Rural Development 
LOE Level of Effort
MAFF  Management Advice for Family Farms
MANAGE  National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management in India
MDE Market-Driven Extension 
MEAS Modernizing Extension and Advisory Systems
MOA  Ministry of Agriculture
MSU Michigan State University
NARS  National Agricultural Research System
NATP  National Agricultural Technology Project
NCAT North Carolina A&T University
NGOs  Non-governmental organizations
NRI  Natural Resources Institute
NRM Natural Resource Management 
NUCAFE  Uganda Coffee Association
PAS Private Advisory Services 
PPPs  Public Private Partnerships
PRA Participatory Rural Appraisal 
PRM Participatory Farm Management 
REDD+  Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Forest Carbon Stocks in developing countries
RKN  Rural Knowledge Network
SAA Sasakawa Africa Association
SAFE Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education
SCD Social Capital Development 
SFC Staple Food Crops 
SHG Self-Help Groups 
SREP Strategic Research and Extension Plan 
T&V Training and Visit Extension 
UC Davis University of California at Davis
UF University of Florida
USAID  United States Agency for International Development
VERCON  Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network
VEWs  Village extension workers
WI Winrock International