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USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah Explains Goals For Feed The Future

posted Dec 20, 2010, 10:14 AM by Andrea Bohn   [ updated Dec 20, 2010, 10:26 AM ]

Shah Explains Goals For Feed The Future (ABC).   US ABC News This Week (12/19, 10am, featured an interview with USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah regarding child malnutrition and the efforts implemented by the administration to address global hunger.  Shah said that he, President Obama, and Secretary of State Clinton have “been very aggressive to change the way food assistance takes place and to change the way development happens so that we’re focusing on the most effective interventions to really help countries pull themselves out of poverty.”  He added that the US’ “new approach has been to continue to recognize that we need to be the world’s largest, fastest, most effective food aid provider.”  Through Feed the Future, the US is helping countries “produce more local foods, produce higher quality foods, improve the targeting of children under the age of 2 and pregnant women,” so that countries can move toward taking “care of their own people and their people’s nutrition and welfare,” said Shah.